Kozlovice: Valassky VOjvoda (Wallach Duke) celebrated 45 years of existence

Friday, November 13, 2015
Forty-five years is successful collection of folk songs and dances Wallach Duke of Kozlovic. His repertoire focuses on the songs, dances and customs of northern Wallachia, Lachia-Wallachian border and the Moravian border. The ensemble, which is to know the great effort, perseverance and work of many of its members, could both young and old visitors to holiday on Saturday, November 7 at the hall of the municipal office in Kozlovice. That's where he began striking the eighteenth hour concert on the 45th anniversary of the group. Already 120 years ago the kozlovičtí dancers together with Valkov dulcimer music from Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem presented at an ethnographic exhibition in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Expert guarantor when the composer Leos Janacek, who had just Kozlovice along with Vsetin chosen as a representative Lachia File drawn from the collections of Francis Sušil, Frantisek Bartos, Leos Janacek, Vincent sculptures and many other carriers traditions. Among the members of the group and its leadership in the 45-year history, been many names and work in a file are often handed down from generation to generation. File collects successful not only on the domestic stage as festivals in the guardroom, but also abroad. For example, he visited Russia, Jordan and Armenians, but also in Asia. Last foreign invitation is performances in South America, Peru. While audience applause appreciate the dance and music files not only domestic, but also set Ostravica from Frydek Mistek. The gala performance was the launch of the new CD "One man hath been" issued Brno Publisher. The recording includes 17 newcomers from the current repertoire of dulcimer music, soloists and choir file. The time spent in a file reminisce used to be musicians and dancers. And you want the file to the future? Conclusion gala evening belonged dances and meetings with cymbals.

Petrovice u Karvine: Saint Martin arrived, but brought snow

Friday, November 13, 2015
St. Martin's tradition in a Tuesday, Nov. 10 to remind parents and children in Petrovice near Karvina. Tradition originated many years ago, thanks to the mothers of kindergarten children. Their share of the action have also married courses and coffee Rotigel. All enthusiastic children then together with parents and grandparents went in search of St. Martin. Parade of lights that lit a lantern finally arrived to the area of ​​Physical Training Inter. There are children waiting tasks because the meeting with Saint Martin is a need to earn it. There was also a stall with snacks and handmade products. Proceeds from the sale will be divided among the retinue of a primary school and a kindergarten. Martin still did not go, so it Petrovice children tried to summon singing. He succeeded and Martin truly arrived. Although no snow this year did not bring better, but it brought a lot of small gifts. St. Martin's Day, we again look forward to a year and maybe it will finally take place on the snow.

Paskov: discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they"

Friday, October 30, 2015
On Tuesday 27 October, in the hall of the chateau tavern in Paskov held a discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they Těšínska and northeastern Moravia," The city Paskov is organized in cooperation with the voluntary union of municipalities' Region Silesian Gate ". The discussion was attended by Jan Bližňák and two co-authors Rosa Romana and Miroslav coots, initiated by Mayor of Peter Badura.

Řepiště: Autumn singing

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
On Saturday 3rd October at řepišťském church of St. Michael the Archangel took place the second edition of the event dedicated to lovers of choral singing called Autumn singing.

Vratimov: Traditional exhibition of fruits and vegetables

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
For more than 40 years vratimovští gardeners maintain the tradition of exhibitions of fruit and vegetables in the local House of gardeners. It was the same year on October 3 to 5 in which the growers, but also the citizens have the opportunity to boast of their cultivars.

Rychvald: Fish Feast

Thursday, October 08, 2015
Rychvaldská Square once again filled to the last. On Saturday, October 3, there had been a traditional fish festivals where not lack lovers of fish and good fun. Nice weather and a rich program attracted people not only from Rychvald, but also further afield. Tradition festival was founded fifteen years ago. Fish Festival is organized by the city in cooperation with the fishing Rychvald.

Horní Suchá: Fedrování of Folklore 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Mining traditions and customs, dancers in folk costumes, folk music and especially good fun, dominated the Saturday, September 19 Hornosušská Workers' House. This cultural and social event was created as a joint project of the Polish Cultural and Educational Association and the Municipal Office in the upper dry.

Kozlovice: Municipal festivities in 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015
Kozlovice in Frydek Mistek organized every year as its general celebration. Those of this year fell on Saturday, September 12th. There firehouse was prepared from the afternoon program hosted by a pair Slávek Vašenda and Thomas Machálek. Kozlovice supports many clubs and associations, which are then involved in the formation program of the various events.