Kozlovice: Valassky VOjvoda (Wallach Duke) celebrated 45 years of existence

Anonymous Friday, November 13, 2015
Forty-five years is successful collection of folk songs and dances Wallach Duke of Kozlovic. His repertoire focuses on the songs, dances and customs of northern Wallachia, Lachia-Wallachian border and the Moravian border. The ensemble, which is to know the great effort, perseverance and work of many of its members, could both young and old visitors to holiday on Saturday, November 7 at the hall of the municipal office in Kozlovice. That's where he began striking the eighteenth hour concert on the 45th anniversary of the group. Already 120 years ago the kozlovičtí dancers together with Valkov dulcimer music from Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem presented at an ethnographic exhibition in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Expert guarantor when the composer Leos Janacek, who had just Kozlovice along with Vsetin chosen as a representative Lachia File drawn from the collections of Francis Sušil, Frantisek Bartos, Leos Janacek, Vincent sculptures and many other carriers traditions. Among the members of the group and its leadership in the 45-year history, been many names and work in a file are often handed down from generation to generation. File collects successful not only on the domestic stage as festivals in the guardroom, but also abroad. For example, he visited Russia, Jordan and Armenians, but also in Asia. Last foreign invitation is performances in South America, Peru. While audience applause appreciate the dance and music files not only domestic, but also set Ostravica from Frydek Mistek. The gala performance was the launch of the new CD "One man hath been" issued Brno Publisher. The recording includes 17 newcomers from the current repertoire of dulcimer music, soloists and choir file. The time spent in a file reminisce used to be musicians and dancers. And you want the file to the future? Conclusion gala evening belonged dances and meetings with cymbals.

Petrovice u Karvine: Saint Martin arrived, but brought snow

Anonymous Friday, November 13, 2015
St. Martin's tradition in a Tuesday, Nov. 10 to remind parents and children in Petrovice near Karvina. Tradition originated many years ago, thanks to the mothers of kindergarten children. Their share of the action have also married courses and coffee Rotigel. All enthusiastic children then together with parents and grandparents went in search of St. Martin. Parade of lights that lit a lantern finally arrived to the area of ​​Physical Training Inter. There are children waiting tasks because the meeting with Saint Martin is a need to earn it. There was also a stall with snacks and handmade products. Proceeds from the sale will be divided among the retinue of a primary school and a kindergarten. Martin still did not go, so it Petrovice children tried to summon singing. He succeeded and Martin truly arrived. Although no snow this year did not bring better, but it brought a lot of small gifts. St. Martin's Day, we again look forward to a year and maybe it will finally take place on the snow.

Paskov: discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they"

Anonymous Friday, October 30, 2015
On Tuesday 27 October, in the hall of the chateau tavern in Paskov held a discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they Těšínska and northeastern Moravia," The city Paskov is organized in cooperation with the voluntary union of municipalities' Region Silesian Gate ". The discussion was attended by Jan Bližňák and two co-authors Rosa Romana and Miroslav coots, initiated by Mayor of Peter Badura.

Vratimov: Traditional exhibition of fruits and vegetables

Anonymous Tuesday, October 20, 2015
For more than 40 years vratimovští gardeners maintain the tradition of exhibitions of fruit and vegetables in the local House of gardeners. It was the same year on October 3 to 5 in which the growers, but also the citizens have the opportunity to boast of their cultivars.

Rychvald: Fish Feast

Anonymous Thursday, October 08, 2015
Rychvaldská Square once again filled to the last. On Saturday, October 3, there had been a traditional fish festivals where not lack lovers of fish and good fun. Nice weather and a rich program attracted people not only from Rychvald, but also further afield. Tradition festival was founded fifteen years ago. Fish Festival is organized by the city in cooperation with the fishing Rychvald.

Petrovice u Karvine: Madam Colombo intervenes or where the diamond was gone

Anonymous Friday, October 02, 2015
Sunday evening, Sept. 27 belonged in Petrovice near Karvina the local amateur actors who rehearsed at the premiere of the new play "Madam Colombo intervenes or where the diamond was gone," amuse the audience in the hall of the hotel building.

Horní Suchá: Fedrování of Folklore 2015

Anonymous Thursday, September 24, 2015
Mining traditions and customs, dancers in folk costumes, folk music and especially good fun, dominated the Saturday, September 19 Hornosušská Workers' House. This cultural and social event was created as a joint project of the Polish Cultural and Educational Association and the Municipal Office in the upper dry.

Kozlovice: Municipal festivities in 2015

Anonymous Thursday, September 17, 2015
Kozlovice in Frydek Mistek organized every year as its general celebration. Those of this year fell on Saturday, September 12th. There firehouse was prepared from the afternoon program hosted by a pair Slávek Vašenda and Thomas Machálek. Kozlovice supports many clubs and associations, which are then involved in the formation program of the various events.

Petrovice u Karvine: 21. municipal festivities

Anonymous Thursday, September 10, 2015
Municipal festivities in Petrovice near Karvina this year fell on Saturday, August 29th. As in previous years, and this one was held in the premises of the motocross race track.

Lhotka (pod Ondřejníkem): 21st year - Sculpture ethnographic festival

Anonymous Tuesday, September 01, 2015
The village Lhotka under Ondřejníkem revived on Saturday, August 22 folklore festival called sculpture ethnographic festival. A small village which has about 500 inhabitants and during the festival will include more than 400 thousand spectators and performers.

Jablunkov: 68th annual festival gorolského "Gorolski Święto"

Anonymous Monday, August 10, 2015

Like every year the first weekend of August in Jablunkov belonged folklore. It took place here already 68th year of the festival gorolskéhe "Gorolski Święto", organized by the Polish Cultural and Educational Association, the organization, members of the Polish minority in the Czech Republic.

Petrovice u Karviné: 7th annual meeting of the cross-border motorcyclists

Anonymous Thursday, August 06, 2015
To the 7th annual meeting of motorcyclists Polish border village Škrbeňská and Godów which is twinning municipality Petrovice u Karvine, this year joined more than 200 bikers. The event came from almost all over Poland and joined the Czechs.

Petrovice u Karvine: Festival Without Borders

Anonymous Friday, July 24, 2015

Festival without boundaries. Fun afternoon not only for children but also adults, whose first edition was held on Saturday, July 18 at the firehouse in Lower Marklovice.
The festival is organized corps of volunteer firemen from the Czech and Polish Marklovice Lower Upper Marklovice.
High standards of good mood at the outset temperamental Flamengo have set Petrovice "Desperate Housewives."
Exercises with "own weight" is presented WorkOut group of Karvina. It is currently one of the best and biggest groups in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
Clowns Chytrolín and crayon from faraway balloon confiscated his performance not only children but also parents.
Many a visitor used varied menu Czech Polish cuisine. The smell of grilled meat wafted through the area and the firehouse.
There was also snacks and cold drinks. Those in the hot afternoon literally "stabbed"
Between what children have taken attraction, adults can try their steady hand at rifle shooting.
The good mood contributed Švidrnoch George, who played for visitors to the festival known melodies, not only to listen but also to dance.

Frenštát pod Radhoštěm: Horečky Fest 2015

Anonymous Monday, July 13, 2015

Great music, good humor and a record number of visitors - it was Horečky fest 2015!
Great music, good humor and a record number of visitors - it was Horečky fest 2015!
Family music festival Horečky fest revived Frenštát amphitheater of fever earlier this year for the fifth time. This popular multi-genre event kicked off on Saturday July 11 at 11 pm, when the center was opened to visitors, which was prepared for patnáctihodinový musical marathon. Siemens stage, Continental stage, Rekovice stage and dance barn - four scenes in which on Saturday really lived. Rich accompanying program, plenty of seating, telescopic lighting in the area, projections for the main stage great and original gastro and weather to one, all the most enjoyed not only performers but also spectators who came to truly record number this year.

Program without significant slip and fantastic music all tuned to present well-being and good mood. The two main venues - Siemens stage in the amphitheater stage and Continental in the meadow area of ​​health, alternated biggest festival stars. The festival opened HTK great band, after two years, the festival returned Crash Drums - drummer bunch of Oder, cool audience tuned Voxel and Light & Love. Its premiere on stage Siemens enjoyed Moravian selection muzikálních Silence - Rainbow Unicorn. Charmer pohodář and especially great musician Petr Bende, accompanied by his Band-stuck Horečky fest visitors at Continental stage. Its elemental energy and great music festival audience utterly got David Kraus with the band. Before his performance the audience still had a chance to see a top dance show multiple champion, European champion and world vice-champion in electric boogie Patrick Ulman and his partner David Pargáč of Frenštátu. Fans flock of pop-punk Rybiček 48 is pumping at the Continental stage and from eight o'clock in the evening, viewers could enjoy Ondrej Hejma and yellow dog. Continental stage literally shook the foundations of the band at a concert Deda Mládek Illegal Band. The audience danced, jumped, sang and even rows of the first landed on the podium several Fant. :) With Xindlem X sang completely filled meadow in front of the amphitheater stage Siemens. Conclusion The festival always includes legends that Horečky Fest can not be missed. Before midnight saw a large festival audience applause The Plastic People of the Universe. The main program concluded Prago Union - hip-hop band that has in all modesty in the current domestic hip-hop competition.

Rekovice scene most of the day belonged primarily to children and regional bands and there has traditionally been all afternoon festival available with a guarded nursery where children can participate in creative workshops or ceramics, or enjoy a drumming workshop and the guys from LEAD parkour. The home was totally cool with theater Terka squirrel and mouse Klárka, then have children and adults and the dancing rozezpívala Heidi Janků. Cool gipsy swing, stylish acoustic Acustrio, lively drummers and bečvanský musical folklore after dark succeeded in bringing greater whacking Public Relations, bicycle and Kelly Band.

On his lovers also they come dance music that from the sixth evening until three in the morning belonged barn dance. On the decks in a barn he was replaced by ten great DJ - DJ Lucky boy, DJ accounts, DJ Nikisha and many others.

Besides the concerts were prepared for festival goers dance exhibitions and workshops, children's bouncy castle, Stand media partners Radio Time festival and camp.

"Awesome action! We've totally enjoyed it! Thank you very much !," sounded from many quarters, and it is the greatest reward. My congratulations on the great audience, bands, partners and all they had and have with this great festival fest Horečky something to do, because without you it would not work! Fever fest 2015 is over. Long live Horečky fest 2016! We are looking forward.


Frenštát pod Radhostem: Film music was in the amphitheater at Horečky real experience

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2015
One of the most beautiful natural amphitheatres Horečky at Frenstat pod has
behind the first big concert of the symphony orchestra and chorus under the open sky. On Saturday
June 27 from 20.00 hours appeared on stage accompanied by the Sinfonietta Moravskoslezská
In the evening, choirs with a program of film music. On stage, performed over 150 performers who
its spellbinding power of a great time over 900 spectators. The whole concert ended at 22 hours already behind
heavy rain, but left the concert performers and visitors excited.
During the evening of film music in the amphitheater at Horečky he sounded a well-known film melodies.
The theme song from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, The Phantom of the Opera, Madagascar, Mission, Basic Instinct,
but also hits of ABBA and Europe. The entire large "ensemble" under the baton of Adam
Sedlický run like clockwork. "We fought with great moisture, keep the instruments for
tuned these conditions is a real artform. The gentlemen engineers have performed during the concert
real magic to it all worked out as it should. Finally, I have a very good overall result
feeling. "He described the hot moments in the sound booth Moravskoslezské Sinfonietta Director Jan Soukup.
In addition to the numerous corps, which consisted of members of the choir Ţenského Havirov, Meandry
Bohuslav Martinu's music school, the Academic Choir of VSB - TU Ostrava, Choir
Waldorf Lyceum in Ostrava and Svatomichaelského mixed choir Řepiště, climbed on stage
Also, two soloists Tanya Wajs and Vojtěch Malcharek. All artists vyslouţili a huge ovation,
especially at the end of the concert, when during the last two songs were falling from the sky of rain.
As if adverse conditions amplified in an excellent performance and dedication of all on stage. One
The evening of the guests of film music Lenka Muţíková that Horečky arrived on a bicycle with My husband and
and acquaintances described her feelings about the concert, saying, "He makes me really willies
a great compliment from everyone. The whole thing was beautiful, but the conclusion was that the vast pit. Hope
similar events will be held here in the future. "
Photo: Martin Glatzner

Bílovec: Day of the city with fabulous elves Picmochy

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2015

On June 25 Bílovec Bílovec Odřivousovy festivities in Saturday, June 27 will take place in the spirit of the 90th anniversary of the opening of the exhibition in a former caretaker of the house from the second half of the 18th century.

For the first time during the day, visitors can visit the city museum building, which on this day solemnly opened an unusual museum area. Mysterious dungeons exposure eighteen fairy elves Picmochy - Metůdkem pastor, Jerome Miller, a hermit and monk Jetřich, herbalist Gert and other puppets will especially appreciate the smallest visitors to the museum. "Our intention is to reach children who will arrive on a tour of a museum exhibition accompanied by their parents," says museum director in Bílovec, Eva Ševčíková. "A tour of the permanent exhibition is after all generally aimed at adult visitors, which is adapted to the form of interpretation. In the basement through scenic lighting and sounding greeted ideal space to create a magical world of elves, who have found their whereabouts. "In the basement, visitors can also see historical objects - decimálku weight, hand-held rotary grain mill and a carpentry chair - that are integrated exposure to, and bíloveckého replica pillory from 1727, in which at night on to talk Jetřich hermit monk.

The author of the puppets is a young artist Ivana Vajdová from Slatina, which has been certified elves Picmochy Moravian Kravaře - Regional Product. This is an original writer-scale manufacture using environmentally degradable materials, mostly local suppliers. Sprites also charmed the jury of the competition starting off the year for aspiring entrepreneurs and Ivana Vajdová won in May this year in the regional round of the competition.

For visitors Odřivousových festivities in Bílovec rich program in other areas of the city. The rooms of the castle will be at 17 o'clock evaluation next edition of the competition in baking a loaf of homemade bread Bilovecka 2015, with a public tasting. Competitive to each loaf will be shipped including instructions for the preparation of ingredients that will be published on the website of the city. The only rule of the competition is that, as a raw material for making bread may not be used for any mix-seller. The winners of both categories of home-made bread and homemade bread from the oven before prices Mayor of Pavel Mrva, the best gain breadmaker. The courtyard of the castle will also historical fencing group Argentis from Ostrava. Among other events that accompany the feast of the town and are very popular among traditional run to the castle stairs and park by the church will again be a zone for children with a variety of attractions and competitions organized by the House Children and Youth in Bílovec. At 13 hours will be on the square started cyklozávod Odřivousův Cup. The festivities begin cities in 14 hours Bílovec square swing tunes from the 30s and 40s of the last century that visitors will play the Blue Star Band from Prague. At 16 pm, Michal Bold Revival Band, at 18 o'clock the band Elan contraband, at 20 pm Marek and lost with the band from 22 hours visitors will play a farewell Tobacco - Revital coat. Festive afternoon diversifies majorettes from Home for children and youth in Bílovec and a spectacular fireworks display over 22 hours.

Horní Sucha: Welcoming the summer with Lucie Bila

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2015

The beginning of summer and holidays in Upper Dry traditionally associated with the event entitled "Welcoming the summer"
and has carried on the traditional place in the amphitheater of the football stadium Depos Horni Sucha.
A new feature last year was the International Football Tournament man and did not miss this year.
Like every year, there were prepared many attractions for children and accompanying program could compete even all adults Whether drinking beer on ex or other competitions.
Even this year the organizers prepared a rich program full of music stars.
On Saturday 27th June, alongside the main protagonists of the audience gradually introduced group DROPS Slovak band GRT.
Welcome summer arrived in Upper Dry Zdenek Izer.
One with a unique and unmistakable humor amused and laughed many a viewer.
After him, then it really started on stage Rock & Roll Band of Marcel Woodman.
The diverse program, everyone found their favorite.
Welcoming the biggest attraction this summer, but it was the performance of multiple gold Slavice Lucie Bila.
During the nearly hour concert sounded the greatest hits, such as "Bridge Over Past" and "Love is love".
Welcoming this year's summer attracted 2,500 visitors, which is twice more than last year. And what's the next year?

Frenstat pod Radhostem: Beskydy Radegast have Prague Zoo stone Ambassador

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2015
On Saturday, June 27 was the upper part of the Prague Zoo unveiled refurbished statue Radegast. It is an original, which gave the world-famous sculptor and native of Frenštát pod Albin Polasek capital of more than 85 years ago. Better known of the two statues Radegasta is obviously associated with the Pustevny and so was the Prague Radegast often neglected. Thanks to the care of the zoo management and excellent work of restorers managed to have severely damaged the original statue renovate. The ceremonial unveiling of the statue, which stands next to the information signs inviting visitors into the Beskidy Mountains, was also attended by costumed delegation from Frenstat pod and Trojanovic. He has led the Mayor Jiri Novotny Trojanovic and director of the cultural center Frenštát Marian Žárský.

Prague zoological garden is the second most visited place in our country after Prague Castle. There are annually visited by over one and a half million visitors. Great public interest enjoyed a gala uncovering of one of the two original statue of Radegast, which took place on Saturday, June 27, shortly after 13 o'clock. In the square near the wolves, where the statue stands, playing dulcimer music and folk costumes Ogar and CERKO from Wallachia they offered onlookers frgály. In thirteen hours took the floor manager of the program department of the zoo Smrček Martin, who welcomed the participants and introduced them to the program of action. Immediately afterwards he spoke Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek. The director emphasized the importance of the presence of statues in the Prague zoo, with the presence of this artwork is proof that the zoo is a place where a penetration arts, social life and education. Also addressed the present, Professor Peter Seigl from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and Petr Lacina - student who took the statue demanding repairs. Both gentlemen thank in particular as a great opportunity and for their hospitality leadership the zoo, which has helped to ensure that the renovation of the statue did not have to rush and Petr Lacina, who comes from Veřovice had enough time on it to retain all the technological processes.
After that came a formal greeting guests from Wallachia. Jiri Novotny said: "I am not here only as mayor of Trojanovice, but as a representative of the entire Frenštát and I want you to know that you are all welcome Radegastových Beskydy. That, next to the statue of Radegast is also information signs that you zoo visitors acquainted with the history of sculpture, but also to our region, is highly significant. "The same sign, which will invite visitors to change Radhošt in the Beskid Mountains to visit Prague zoo, will be unveiled at the end of August 2015 Pustevnách. "The idea of ​​connecting the two brothers Radegast through information panels, it occurred to me several years ago. And the fact that it finally succeeded, to a certain extent by chance. In autumn last year contacted Mariana Žárský, Director of the Cultural Centre, Disco, Petr Lacina with it, to help with assembling the statue. One word, but today is in Prague this stone ambassador Radegastových Beskyd. "Said Stanislav Uruba, who first came up with the idea of ​​linking the two Radegast. Shortly after 13 o'clock played the dulcimer ink and green tarpaulin covering the statue of the pagan god went to the ground. Unveiling of the statue took personal charge of the Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek and professor Peter Seidl. Immediately thereafter doused Marian Žárský Radegast Krpec Wallachian slivovitz's to where the statue firmly and long-standing sculpture. "We are very happy to accept the invitation of our friends to visit Radegastových Beskyd Beskyd. I'm excited about today's immediate and joyful atmosphere, and link the two as attractive places like our zoo and Radegast Beskydy seems like a wonderful idea, "he said immediately after the event director of the Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek.

Michalkovice: Michalfest Music Festival 2015

Anonymous Saturday, June 20, 2015

From rock to Celtic music. That was Saturday, June 20 next year Michalfestu, a one-day feast of good music, which in the premises of the National Technical monuments Michal mine in Ostrava - Michálkovice celebrate the arrival of summer. The event is organized by the office district and the idea to organize a music festival was founded three years ago.

The main partner of the festival's College of Business in Ostrava.

On his lost children, for which were prepared for absolutely free interesting attractions and activities.

Between what children have taken attraction, adults can taste a variety of snacks.

Good mood or not cause rain showers. And what visitors most enjoyed and what attracted them?

More than 12-hour music marathon took place on two stages, between which people were moving slowly.

The main stars of the festival included the pop-rock group UDG from Usti nad Labem or punk rock band Rybičky 48. It was originally called Banana fish, but was forced to change its name.

From the local area, for example, came from Ostrava singer Elis, who became discovery of the year in the Golden Nightingale in 2014

Success Group is one of the centrepieces of the festival michálkovického and so far none missed.

Celtic music with a touch of Beskydy Mountains Ostrava showcased the band Acoustic Irish.

The first time the festival presented the group with Boris Urbanek TUTU.

This year will also introduce the winner of last year's competition Boomcup group The dust, the Ostrava group Naked Floor, Ostraband or Havířovská band Ajdontker but also others.

In total, so the festival showcased 14 bands and performers.

The biggest attraction of this Michalfestu but has become an international group of legs that danced around the crowded space.

An hour before midnight podium belonged Vlasta Redl and his group. Although this festival stands out for the first time, but still it is not unknown in Ostrava.

Conclusion 3rd year Michalfestu belonged fireworks and band Mayday. This year's festival attracted 2,000 visitors and has now all looking forward to the fourth consecutive.

Velká Polom: Municipality Day

Anonymous Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day of the Village is in the Great Polom annually associated with quality entertainment program and friendly atmosphere. It was no exception this one, which took place on Saturday 13 June, on grounds Motorest u Fortress.

The invitation was accepted and guests of twinning Slovak village Dlhá nad Oravou.

Visitors, but especially children could enjoy the various attractions such as a bouncy castle as well as competition.

The joy of the smallest but most did clowns. Build a big top or spin a plate on a stick, were tasks that had to meet every job seeker in the world-famous circus.

The interests of the children enjoyed and face painting.

Vizážistek skilled hands of the children then made to any animal or creature. For the moment so the area was full of cats, squirrels or vampires.

Between what children have taken attraction, adults can taste the snack menu was really varied.

Its fragrance attracted visitors not only sausages, potato pancakes steaks but also cakes of all kinds.

Feast on venison and game dishes again attracted local hunting association.

The celebrations in the village of Great Polo is also popular sporting event in the form of atypical fire competition.

The teams had to cross on boat to the pump and the rest of the team it watered hose. Stopwatch timekeepers stopped only after the intervention of the target water stream.

After fierce fighting, where the home team lost even Fantomas, finally celebrated a victory over Long firefighters from Orava.

Meanwhile, as firefighters competed, audiences were introduced to the domestic children's choir Beam.

Day, but the village is mostly about fun. On stage, take care of her Miss Cindy, Miriam and Paloma from the travesty of wild cats that are left nothing owed its name and credibly demonstrated our and foreign singers and added a lot of jokes.

Then it is then replaced Ostrava band success.

The main program then stepped group "Legends returns."

They finally put their listeners not only in a good mood, but also nostalgic zavzpomínání proper steamy dance.

The conclusion was one of the musical group NOA and the dance, which continued until the early hours..