Jablunkov: 68th annual festival gorolského "Gorolski Święto"

Anonymous Monday, August 10, 2015

Like every year the first weekend of August in Jablunkov belonged folklore. It took place here already 68th year of the festival gorolskéhe "Gorolski Święto", organized by the Polish Cultural and Educational Association, the organization, members of the Polish minority in the Czech Republic.

Petrovice u Karviné: 7th annual meeting of the cross-border motorcyclists

Anonymous Thursday, August 06, 2015
To the 7th annual meeting of motorcyclists Polish border village Škrbeňská and Godów which is twinning municipality Petrovice u Karvine, this year joined more than 200 bikers. The event came from almost all over Poland and joined the Czechs.