Frenstat pod Radhostem: Beskydy Radegast have Prague Zoo stone Ambassador

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2015
On Saturday, June 27 was the upper part of the Prague Zoo unveiled refurbished statue Radegast. It is an original, which gave the world-famous sculptor and native of Frenštát pod Albin Polasek capital of more than 85 years ago. Better known of the two statues Radegasta is obviously associated with the Pustevny and so was the Prague Radegast often neglected. Thanks to the care of the zoo management and excellent work of restorers managed to have severely damaged the original statue renovate. The ceremonial unveiling of the statue, which stands next to the information signs inviting visitors into the Beskidy Mountains, was also attended by costumed delegation from Frenstat pod and Trojanovic. He has led the Mayor Jiri Novotny Trojanovic and director of the cultural center Frenštát Marian Žárský.

Prague zoological garden is the second most visited place in our country after Prague Castle. There are annually visited by over one and a half million visitors. Great public interest enjoyed a gala uncovering of one of the two original statue of Radegast, which took place on Saturday, June 27, shortly after 13 o'clock. In the square near the wolves, where the statue stands, playing dulcimer music and folk costumes Ogar and CERKO from Wallachia they offered onlookers frgály. In thirteen hours took the floor manager of the program department of the zoo Smrček Martin, who welcomed the participants and introduced them to the program of action. Immediately afterwards he spoke Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek. The director emphasized the importance of the presence of statues in the Prague zoo, with the presence of this artwork is proof that the zoo is a place where a penetration arts, social life and education. Also addressed the present, Professor Peter Seigl from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and Petr Lacina - student who took the statue demanding repairs. Both gentlemen thank in particular as a great opportunity and for their hospitality leadership the zoo, which has helped to ensure that the renovation of the statue did not have to rush and Petr Lacina, who comes from Veřovice had enough time on it to retain all the technological processes.
After that came a formal greeting guests from Wallachia. Jiri Novotny said: "I am not here only as mayor of Trojanovice, but as a representative of the entire Frenštát and I want you to know that you are all welcome Radegastových Beskydy. That, next to the statue of Radegast is also information signs that you zoo visitors acquainted with the history of sculpture, but also to our region, is highly significant. "The same sign, which will invite visitors to change Radhošt in the Beskid Mountains to visit Prague zoo, will be unveiled at the end of August 2015 Pustevnách. "The idea of ​​connecting the two brothers Radegast through information panels, it occurred to me several years ago. And the fact that it finally succeeded, to a certain extent by chance. In autumn last year contacted Mariana Žárský, Director of the Cultural Centre, Disco, Petr Lacina with it, to help with assembling the statue. One word, but today is in Prague this stone ambassador Radegastových Beskyd. "Said Stanislav Uruba, who first came up with the idea of ​​linking the two Radegast. Shortly after 13 o'clock played the dulcimer ink and green tarpaulin covering the statue of the pagan god went to the ground. Unveiling of the statue took personal charge of the Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek and professor Peter Seidl. Immediately thereafter doused Marian Žárský Radegast Krpec Wallachian slivovitz's to where the statue firmly and long-standing sculpture. "We are very happy to accept the invitation of our friends to visit Radegastových Beskyd Beskyd. I'm excited about today's immediate and joyful atmosphere, and link the two as attractive places like our zoo and Radegast Beskydy seems like a wonderful idea, "he said immediately after the event director of the Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek.

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