Paskov: discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they"

Anonymous Friday, October 30, 2015
On Tuesday 27 October, in the hall of the chateau tavern in Paskov held a discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they Těšínska and northeastern Moravia," The city Paskov is organized in cooperation with the voluntary union of municipalities' Region Silesian Gate ". The discussion was attended by Jan Bližňák and two co-authors Rosa Romana and Miroslav coots, initiated by Mayor of Peter Badura.

Vratimov: Traditional exhibition of fruits and vegetables

Anonymous Tuesday, October 20, 2015
For more than 40 years vratimovští gardeners maintain the tradition of exhibitions of fruit and vegetables in the local House of gardeners. It was the same year on October 3 to 5 in which the growers, but also the citizens have the opportunity to boast of their cultivars.

Rychvald: Fish Feast

Anonymous Thursday, October 08, 2015
Rychvaldská Square once again filled to the last. On Saturday, October 3, there had been a traditional fish festivals where not lack lovers of fish and good fun. Nice weather and a rich program attracted people not only from Rychvald, but also further afield. Tradition festival was founded fifteen years ago. Fish Festival is organized by the city in cooperation with the fishing Rychvald.

Petrovice u Karvine: Madam Colombo intervenes or where the diamond was gone

Anonymous Friday, October 02, 2015
Sunday evening, Sept. 27 belonged in Petrovice near Karvina the local amateur actors who rehearsed at the premiere of the new play "Madam Colombo intervenes or where the diamond was gone," amuse the audience in the hall of the hotel building.