Paskov: discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they"

Anonymous Friday, October 30, 2015
On Tuesday 27 October, in the hall of the chateau tavern in Paskov held a discussion on the exhibition "Models of wooden churches, chapels and -they Těšínska and northeastern Moravia," The city Paskov is organized in cooperation with the voluntary union of municipalities' Region Silesian Gate ". The discussion was attended by Jan Bližňák and two co-authors Rosa Romana and Miroslav coots, initiated by Mayor of Peter Badura.

Jan Bližňák the dřevomodelářství dedicated 25 years and in that time built the same number of models and other religious buildings. It can now boast thumbnails churches that stand, for example, in Great Karlovice, on Mount mangy, Lower Marklovice or Hrabové, but other important buildings. In the near future we plan to produce a model of the church in Albrechtice. Establishment wooden model is very patient and very time-consuming work. And why did he devote buildings churches and chapels? Exposure open every Saturday and Sunday in two months was visited by 1,300 visitors. Next year show that its importance not only exceeded the boundaries Paskova, but also the region Silesian Gate, will travel to Czech Cieszyn and Mosty u Jablunkova. Conclusion discussions belonged signing and entry into the memorial book.

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