Lhotka (pod Ondřejníkem): 21st year - Sculpture ethnographic festival

Anonymous Tuesday, September 01, 2015
The village Lhotka under Ondřejníkem revived on Saturday, August 22 folklore festival called sculpture ethnographic festival. A small village which has about 500 inhabitants and during the festival will include more than 400 thousand spectators and performers.

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The festivities traditionally have been initiated at Memorial Statues Vincent, who in Lhotecká history wrote his collection of folk dances and songs. Monuments from the files went into a cultural complex in the village. Along the way, however, they danced and sang. Of course accompanied by music. This year was already the twenty-first. During the Saturday afternoon and the audience showed more than a dozen folk groups. The first was introduced children's files. The project has the support of the Moravian-Silesian region and enjoys great spectator interest. Another part of the program belonged to an adult ensembles. In addition to the permanent participants as Wallach Duke, Gruniky or Pustková dulcimer, there appeared a set of songs and dances from the Mountains. Hajdaláci group are young people aged 17-25 years, of which more than half of Rosénce dancing since childhood. There was also a home file that Vincent Statue founded in 1936 as an ethnographic group later renamed Saws. Sources Vincent sculptures are the inspiration for many a file from under Ondřejník. In a festive spirit was marked by joint performances by the Wallachian Duke and Ostravica from Frydek Mistek. Great atmosphere in a beautiful environment attracted not only local, but also for people from a wide area. For visitors this year is a bus service from nearby towns and villages. There were also special homemade dishes and everyone was able to come into their own. The final and definitive end to the 21 year of Sochových festivities in the final performance of Rosénka care Hajdaláci.

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