Bílovec: Day of the city with fabulous elves Picmochy

Anonymous Saturday, June 27, 2015

On June 25 Bílovec Bílovec Odřivousovy festivities in Saturday, June 27 will take place in the spirit of the 90th anniversary of the opening of the exhibition in a former caretaker of the house from the second half of the 18th century.

For the first time during the day, visitors can visit the city museum building, which on this day solemnly opened an unusual museum area. Mysterious dungeons exposure eighteen fairy elves Picmochy - Metůdkem pastor, Jerome Miller, a hermit and monk Jetřich, herbalist Gert and other puppets will especially appreciate the smallest visitors to the museum. "Our intention is to reach children who will arrive on a tour of a museum exhibition accompanied by their parents," says museum director in Bílovec, Eva Ševčíková. "A tour of the permanent exhibition is after all generally aimed at adult visitors, which is adapted to the form of interpretation. In the basement through scenic lighting and sounding greeted ideal space to create a magical world of elves, who have found their whereabouts. "In the basement, visitors can also see historical objects - decimálku weight, hand-held rotary grain mill and a carpentry chair - that are integrated exposure to, and bíloveckého replica pillory from 1727, in which at night on to talk Jetřich hermit monk.

The author of the puppets is a young artist Ivana Vajdová from Slatina, which has been certified elves Picmochy Moravian Kravaře - Regional Product. This is an original writer-scale manufacture using environmentally degradable materials, mostly local suppliers. Sprites also charmed the jury of the competition starting off the year for aspiring entrepreneurs and Ivana Vajdová won in May this year in the regional round of the competition.

For visitors Odřivousových festivities in Bílovec rich program in other areas of the city. The rooms of the castle will be at 17 o'clock evaluation next edition of the competition in baking a loaf of homemade bread Bilovecka 2015, with a public tasting. Competitive to each loaf will be shipped including instructions for the preparation of ingredients that will be published on the website of the city. The only rule of the competition is that, as a raw material for making bread may not be used for any mix-seller. The winners of both categories of home-made bread and homemade bread from the oven before prices Mayor of Pavel Mrva, the best gain breadmaker. The courtyard of the castle will also historical fencing group Argentis from Ostrava. Among other events that accompany the feast of the town and are very popular among traditional run to the castle stairs and park by the church will again be a zone for children with a variety of attractions and competitions organized by the House Children and Youth in Bílovec. At 13 hours will be on the square started cyklozávod Odřivousův Cup. The festivities begin cities in 14 hours Bílovec square swing tunes from the 30s and 40s of the last century that visitors will play the Blue Star Band from Prague. At 16 pm, Michal Bold Revival Band, at 18 o'clock the band Elan contraband, at 20 pm Marek and lost with the band from 22 hours visitors will play a farewell Tobacco - Revital coat. Festive afternoon diversifies majorettes from Home for children and youth in Bílovec and a spectacular fireworks display over 22 hours.

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