Velká Polom: Municipality Day

Anonymous Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day of the Village is in the Great Polom annually associated with quality entertainment program and friendly atmosphere. It was no exception this one, which took place on Saturday 13 June, on grounds Motorest u Fortress.

The invitation was accepted and guests of twinning Slovak village Dlhá nad Oravou.

Visitors, but especially children could enjoy the various attractions such as a bouncy castle as well as competition.

The joy of the smallest but most did clowns. Build a big top or spin a plate on a stick, were tasks that had to meet every job seeker in the world-famous circus.

The interests of the children enjoyed and face painting.

Vizážistek skilled hands of the children then made to any animal or creature. For the moment so the area was full of cats, squirrels or vampires.

Between what children have taken attraction, adults can taste the snack menu was really varied.

Its fragrance attracted visitors not only sausages, potato pancakes steaks but also cakes of all kinds.

Feast on venison and game dishes again attracted local hunting association.

The celebrations in the village of Great Polo is also popular sporting event in the form of atypical fire competition.

The teams had to cross on boat to the pump and the rest of the team it watered hose. Stopwatch timekeepers stopped only after the intervention of the target water stream.

After fierce fighting, where the home team lost even Fantomas, finally celebrated a victory over Long firefighters from Orava.

Meanwhile, as firefighters competed, audiences were introduced to the domestic children's choir Beam.

Day, but the village is mostly about fun. On stage, take care of her Miss Cindy, Miriam and Paloma from the travesty of wild cats that are left nothing owed its name and credibly demonstrated our and foreign singers and added a lot of jokes.

Then it is then replaced Ostrava band success.

The main program then stepped group "Legends returns."

They finally put their listeners not only in a good mood, but also nostalgic zavzpomínání proper steamy dance.

The conclusion was one of the musical group NOA and the dance, which continued until the early hours..


Video: Municipality Day

Video: Municipality Day


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